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I will use the newest in technology from VIS-Shine. It is the only on-truck wheel polishing equipment made in America. Capable of cleaning wheel sizes ​

19.5″, 22.5” and 24.5″ 

Trucking companies are under increased pressure from State, Federal and Local authorities to comply with regulations concerning vehicle washing. Caked-on dirt and mud can shorten a vehicle's life by causing and concealing corrosion on metal and other parts.  Vehicles that are cleaned regularly serve longer and perform more dependable. Clean vehicles are safer because operators have maximum visibility, sure footing while entering or leaving the vehicle, and easier operation of tailgates, doors, etc. Also, clean vehicles are more visible to other drivers - an added safety factor.

I understand the need for clean vehicles. Not only does a clean vehicle positively impact your brand but it protects your investments as well.

A clean and well maintain vehicle could raise the value up as much as 35%

DOT is less likely to pull over a clean and well-maintained vehicle vs a vehicle that is not clean or well maintained.

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Professional and Personal Touch 

Tractors, Semis, Light Trucks, Pa​ssenger Cars, Motorcycles, Trailers...We Polish machine finished, salt pitted, scratched, acidized, gouged wheels.  Fuel Tanks and battery boxes ect.

Inside Cab detailing per request

(Prices very between condition of the wheels.)

All Cars, Trucks and SUV

Full Exterior Hand Wash

Tire Dressing & Rims Cleaning

Interior Vacuum & Carpet Shampoo

Full Interior Deep Cleaning (Vents, Cup Holders, Door Panels, Etc)

for Protection & Shine

Window Cleaning Inside & Out

Leather Cleaning

Spot Stain headliner

Use only the highest quality seal product

$75.00 - $125.00

Add-On Services:

Complete Wax for Protect & Shine $47.00

Clay Bar Paint Treatment $52.00

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning $45.00

WindshieldTreatment $37.00

"dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow

A Customer Said...

The convenience of my car being pick up at my job and delivered back before I got off work was amazing, as if someone bought me a new car and left it for me.

                                Martha Sue

I had my Rig setting on a lot for sale for 2 months no one even called about it.  I got Tammy to detail the inside Pressure Wash outside, and Polished my wheels.

It didn't even set on the lot 24 hrs and had three offers on it. Thanks Tammy so much I needed that sale. 

                               Jackson Lowe 

Martha Sue